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1—Copyright in the material presented on this website is owned by the State of South Australia.

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3—With the exception of the Piping Shrike, Royal Arms, other emblems of the State restricted by the Unauthorised Documents Act 1915, and material, intellectual property or devices protected by a trademark and/or subject to review by the Government of South Australia at all times, the content of this website is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence (CC BY 4.0).

Creative Commons Licence

4—This licence allows you to share (copy and redistribute in any medium or format) and to adapt (remix, transform and build upon) content, including for commercial purposes. The details of the relevant licence conditions and the legal code (the full licence) are available on the Creative Commons website.

Note: Creative Commons licences relate to copyright material, not to other forms of intellectual property. Some material accessible on or through this website may not be available under a Creative Commons licence.

5—A user of this website who uses the links provided to another website and material available on or through the linked website, acknowledges and agrees that the terms of use, including licence terms, set out on that website apply to the use that may be made of those materials.

6—No permission to reproduce or use copyright material, other than that expressly stated here, is to be implied by the availability of that material on this website.

7—You are free to use copyright material available on or through this website that is covered by a CC BY 4.0 licence in line with the licence terms. You must keep this copyright notice on all material sourced from this website, and attribute the State of South Australia as the source of the material.

Additional Conditions on Use of Content

8—In addition to the terms of the licence described above, use of content is also subject to the following conditions:

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